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Benefits of BBNJ to Abidjan Convention Region

ABNJ contain marine resources and biodiversity of immense ecological, socioeconomic and cultural importance. The  ocean nourishes life in the sea and on land and acts as a heat and carbon sink and provides habitat shelters not only commercial fisheries but also species of significant scientific, cultural and spiritual value.

The STRONG High Seas project is currently conducting a socio-economic study of the benefits of Marine Biological Diversity Beyond National Jurisdiction to the Abidjan Convention Region. This page will be updated with the results soon. 

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What are the main ecosystem services and non-exploitative activities in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction?

  • Temperature regulation
  • Climate regulation
  • Oxygen generation
  • Science and exploration

What are the main economic resources and activities in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction?

  • Fisheries
  • Oil and Gas
  • Deep Sea Mining
  • Mineral Deposits - including rare earth elements
  • Sulphites - associated with Hydrothermal vents
  • Fibre Optic Cables - about 97% of global telecommunications rely on deepsea fiber optic cables
  • Maritime transport - approximately 90& of world's goods are transported by sea
  • Marine genetic resources - including potential pharmaceutical products.